We’ve got exciting news!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to establish a brand new shop premises for Dream Adventure Motorcycles.

After much thought and consideration we decided to move our existing shop to a bigger, more accessisable spot in the Montana Value Centre. Yep, that’s just across the road from our old shop just off Zambezi, so we are still in the same area. Our new shop has so muh more to offer, a bigger workspace, a dedicated section for retail (pre-owned bikes and all the accessories you could wish for).

A huge amount of work (literally blood, sweat and tears) went into the construction of our new shop. As usual, the help from family and friends was overwhelmingly amazing. There were late nights and long days but we always had good company. A massive thank you to everyone who supported us and to those who really got stuck in with the heavy graft, well we honestly couldnt have done it without you.

Here’s some pics of our progress:

If you take everything apart you have to put it all back together again!

And what it looks like now, ready to roll.